Chapter by chapter

Here’s where you can read this crazy twitter novel in prose format. This version of the story definitely flows more continuously, and reveals some interesting things how writing for brevity can affect the way that a story reads.

  • Chapter One
    In which our hero discovers his new special abilities & uses them to rescue a teenaged dickhead
  • Chapter Two
    In which our hero reveals his secret & tests his powers in the field.
  • Chapter Three
    In which further research is undertaken and fellow gifted individuals are encountered.
  • Chapter Four
    In which our hero acquits himself in his first superpowered donnybrook.
  • Chapter Five
    In which our hero continues to investigate his origins & explore his powers’ romantic potential.
  • Chapter Six
    In which our hero considers a more formal avenue of training.
  • Chapter Seven
    In which our hero meets some more compatriots and is infected by headspam.
  • Chapter Eight
    In which our hero tries a different use for his power & debriefs about his failed recruitment.
  • Chapter Nine
    In which our hero enrols in superschool and experiences a case of mistaken identity.

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