What’s this?

It’s an ongoing story told via installments on twitter, about a guy who gets super powers and has to work out what to do next.

This is a place where people can come to catch up with earlier instalments of the novel, if they don’t want to read it using the twitter interface, or if they’re not keen on twitter in general.

The novel itself can be found on twitter at http://twitter.com/arfox.

And who are you?

My name’s Adam Ford. I’m a writer. I live in Chewton, a small town in south-eastern Australia. I’ve had a few books of poetry published and one novel so far. I also make zines and minicomics. I’ve got a general-purpose writing sample-y blog over at www.theotheradamford.wordpress.com

Are you making this up as you go, or is it already written down somewhere else?

I’m making it up as I go. Sometimes I make some notes and write a few instalments in a bunch that I can upload one at a time over a few days, but mostly I just log in and try to add the next couple of lines to the story.

I have a vague idea where I want the story to go, and I’m sure it’ll develop as the story gets written, but this is intended to be an experiment in improvisational writing.

Why use twitter to tell this story?

I was following a couple of twitter novels before I started this, and I enjoyed having some fictional stuff scattered in amongst the life updates and linkblogging. It got me thinking about what I might do if I was going to tweet fiction, and this is my way of finding out.

Why are you doing it?

I’m interested to see what could come out of something like this. I like the idea of writing something every day or every couple of days. The length of a twitter post feels like a realistic amount of words for me to commit to writing on a regular basis, given the shape of my life at the moment.

Even if nobody ends up reading this while it’s being written on the fly, if I manage to finish a whole novel this way, it’ll still be – at the very least – a finished first draft that I can revise and edit if I think it’s worth pursuing. There’s been very little closure in my writing life of late when it comes to longer pieces of writing, so that’s an exciting prospect in itself.

How often do you plan on updating?

I’m not committing to any fixed schedule of updating. Ideally I’d like to post at least once, if not twice a week at a minimum, but I have a history of life getting in the way, so no guarantees.

Are there other twitter novels out there?

There’s definitely other twitter fiction out there, and other online serialised work too. I’m not breaking any new ground here. Check out my blogroll for other online serialised fiction that I’ve come across.


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